Environment minister Schulze put her emphasis on tap water, unpackaged goods, more recycling and durability. There should be a trend reversal with regard to handling plastic waste, said Schulze at a press conference on 26th November in Berlin. That sounds very appealing at least: The cucumbers and bananas land unpacked in the trolley; six-packs of water bottles must be a thing of the past; drinking water comes only out of the tap. Manufacturers should be urged to use more recyclate, i.e. recyclate plastics.

Our opinion on this:

With the new Packaging Act coming into force on 1st January 2019, we have taken a huge step forward. If the EU turns up the heat and bans straws and single-use plates, this is another great sign. To begin with, however, it is the consumers who will decide whether this is a success or not. More sensibility and consideration when shopping, leaving a product with excessive packing on the shelf, washing the plates after a party rather than throwing them away.