Sustainable (recyclable) packaging – A guide for companies

Do I want my company to be a “follower” or an “innovator” in the area of sustainable packaging? Am I ready to take a high risk or not? Every change to the packaging concept and/or material means investment and business risk. What also needs to be considered in the long-term when the company is developing or introducing sustainable packaging solutions? Is there a method, process, cooperation model, which provides security and reassurance during the procedure, and risk-aware action to support the success of the business?


The presentation offers suggestions for a structured approach for SMEs ranging from strategies through to implementation. It is the basis for guideline development in combination with a workshop.

What is the most sustainable packaging solution for fresh food packaging?

Product protection & Supply chain, Recyclability & Resource efficiency, Consumer shopping behaviour & After-use handling (e.g. sortability into plastic waste streams) – all must go hand in hand, so that there does not exist only ONE solution.


The presentation is the analysis and discussion of a specific business case belonging to fresh food packaging, which is representative for the comprehensiveness and complexity of sustainable, recyclable food packaging.