We offer you the right perspectives…

A look at the media with the daily “scrap reports” is one thing. We do not want to comment on all the reports. Because really it is much more about your own perspective, tailored to your company. Where do you stand today? Where do you want or need to be in three or five years’ time if you want to remain competitive and attractive to customers and skilled personnel? With which perspectives will your company succeed in perhaps even becoming the “leader” in the area of sustainable packaging solutions?

Almost 26 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced in Europe every year. A good 60 per cent comes from packaging. The most horrifying part is: Less than one-third will be recycled. Therefore, it is both the time and occasion to think about resource efficiency. And time to act! With sustainable packaging design, for example.

Our strategy for sustainability

  • PREVENT: Avoid plastic packaging wherever possible. Which economic and sensible alternatives are available?
  • REUSE: Can the packaging be used for longer, more versatilely, or in other words: does everything really always need to be new?
  • RECYCLE: Expansion and further development of the circular economy. Can packaging already be made recyclable in the early creatice design phase?
  • RECYCLATE USE: Everything from crude oil or what? What material alternatives are available? What about second life applications and intelligent chemistry?
  • RENEWABLE: Plastics based on renewable resources as an alternative to fossil fuels. Does recycling work in practice? Not yet, but might work in near future
  • RECOVER: Plastics and their heat capacity: Can we talk about a “sensible” process when referring to incineration? Yes, of course!