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EU Packaging Directive 2019

By 2030, the EU would like all plastic packaging to carry the label reusable or recyclable. Furthermore, the total recycling quota for plastics should be >50 %. To achieve this, the sortable and recyclable capacity needs to increase four-fold compared with that of 2015.

Supporting these demands with legislative state initiatives is long overdue. Therefore, the new Packaging Act came into force in Germany on 01.01.2019. Many SMEs are badly prepared for it, if at all, and do not know what they are up against.

The overall goal is easily explained: With the new law, the recycling quota of packaging materials will increase in accordance with the EU guidelines. Furthermore, the circle of companies referred to as “those bringing the packaging into circulation” is widened to include sales packaging.

Packaged products are sold to the consumer, whether in a shop or through a different marketing channel. Retailers or manufacturers, but also importers are subject to these obligations. Large retail chains are also faced with new challenges if they sell packaged goods under their own brand names. Those supplying newsstands, canteens and take-away shops are also affected.

Sophisticated packaging concepts are the key. What many companies do not know or appreciate is: Intelligent solutions have a positive effect on turnover because consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the topic “packaging waste”. Additionally, a modern company rises above the competition, increasing its image as an “ecological and sustainable operation”. In this respect, we at AKK INNOVATION and all the experts in the sector agree.