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Details about the AKI audit

Admittedly, it may seem complex when we present an AKI audit model. However, a closer look shows that there are only five steps that together lead to a new and economic alignment of the company.

The project begins with analysis, brainstorming and discussions about packaging design and other aspects. These are followed by market research, competitive comparison, but also the integration of an expert network, which finally lead to a finished business model and sensible solutions.

Audits, as we at AKK INNOVATION understand them, always involve all the participants to the same extent. Because in the end we want every individual, every member of the team, to be convinced and enthusiastic. We are not interested in part solutions, because many of the considerations are closely interwoven – the product and packaging design influence questions concerning marketing and storage. The “Packaging Mix” is a decisive factor in the recycling ability.

Audits by AKK INNOVATION also fall under the heading “Meet the challenge – be innovative”. Therefore, team spirit is required, as well as a relevant portion of creativity, and sometimes even a little bit of craziness. The team must work together fairly, be inquisitive and must always remain goal-oriented. A goal that is crazy is worth reaching together.