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Funding consultation

Here it’s all about money

Or more precisely, about “financial gifts”. These come from various pots organised by the German states, the Federal Government or the EU. However, we also talk about a “funding jungle” here in Germany, in which a navigator is essential.

Subsidies: Who would not like to use them to drive forward developments, to engage employees in research and projects, and the search for forward-thinking solutions? Here, going through the known portals is little help if only the insiders know about the really notable and profitable grants. We will not only source subsidies for you, but also take care of the applications and everything else as required.

What do you need to do?

Contact us and give us a little information about your proposition: Which project plans are involved? What investments are planned? How high do you estimate the total costs to be and over what time period?

Then we will let you know how we can proceed most effectively, and what information we need for the application. It is, after all, about your money, or to phrase it better, the money the State will grant you in the ideal case.